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 Bot Rf Rudokop Release

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PostSubyek: Bot Rf Rudokop Release   Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:27 am

At last..

English version of RFRudokop has been released!

Version 1.2.9 functionality

- auto-leveling in three modes: melee attack, melee+magic attack, magic attack
- area on map definition for auto-leveling
- monster ID's definition for leveling (attack only determined type of monster )
- move speed change possibility (speed-hack)
- auto pick-up loot: can take only armor or resources or someting specific(set ID of item). Stockage items heap up as usual in client.
- manual drop pick-up
- manual attack (via F-keys)
- party auto-accept(optional). Accepting party only from friend-list members.
- self-buff in defined time slices
- potion auto-drinking at defined % of HP, MP, SP
- "Auto logout while another race in visible range" function. For leveling in common places. After defined time period bot can auto-login and continue to leveling if nobody in visible range.
- auto-reconnect if disconnected due server restart or something else
- manual use of potion or teleport scrolls
- can sit down/wake up
- can revive after death
- can use doping mixtures in determined time slices
- auto-logout after determined period of time
- auto-logout while out of ammo, package is full or out of potions
- separate reaction for enemy/friendly race(can play sound signal/stop leveling/swith off protection/logout)
- write bot activity in log-file
- can use MAU/BMAU
- can use siedge mode for accretians
- auto-switching ammo
- can use healing and sacrifice spell on defined % HP and FP.
- "follow the char" function
- "assist" function
- can invite to party
- can auto-switch xMAU if out of ammo or xMAU HP less than determined %
- auto-logout if xMAU HP less than determined %
- "legal logout" function (emulate client)
- "legal login" function (emulate client)
- can select and attack enemy animuses, turrets and control terminal
- can save position on all NPC's
- can stop move while cast aut-buff (for more realistic behavior)
- can move randomly in zone of leveling
- auto-login and auto start script execution
- traffic saving mode (very useful on slow connection or Chip war)
- animus leveling posibility (char not attack mob's, only animus)
- more realistic behavior of auto party invite. Bot wait some time and only after that "agree" to invite
- can ignore chars in friend list (no reaction like logout or something else)
- can attack only determined mobs and ignore other
- can assist via animus only
- party assist
- auto-logout if is under other race attack(run away function optional)
- auto switch siedge kit for accretians
- can stand still while in siedge mode
- can determine attack order (animus at first, bot after them)
- can leave mob while mob-steeling
- can collect only determined drop types - exelciors, gatekeys, weapons and so on
- bot can optionally finish some of mob's what attack hm and after that collect the drop
- test script functions that can collect goup of mobs and kill them by mass attack
- can use command line - script name, server num and char num for autologin and autostart

- Can move with any speed and through any surfaces(moutains, hills, water, wall and so on)
- "Attack protection" - bot can ignore any mob's attack (include guarders) and become immortal. It also work for another race but depend of geodata.
- "Hide" function - bot disappear in visible range on button press.
- can use spells in sitting (FP economy)
- can ignore spells recoil - faster magic attack
- can self-buff without move and attack interruption (optional)
- can stay on logout place independ of level - client teleport to HQ if level of char less than 8
- instantaneous logout if bot is under attack
- can write to chat from any nickname
- in some conditions can show another char level (doesnt work in English RFRudokop version)
- can show real nickname if somebody write from fake nickname
- can mine in sitting and self-buff at the same mode
- can send net-packets (useful for packets bugs)
- can leveling Inanna animus via bug (can use
- can use hidden skills (http://?????? ?? ??????? ????????)
- can sell "unsolded" items (such as rare ore)
- can summon xMAU one time - in relogin there is no need to summon xMAU again
- absolutely new INVISIBILITY
- can use potions without recoil
- overbuff
- can stop all running bots while GM kicking one of they
- continiously attack for accretians in siedge mode
- can use magister skill in some PVP servers
- eagle eye (private function, available for Russion users only)
If you affraid to use cheat-functions, you can simply turn it off and use legal leveling.[/quote][quote=ecolog]Chat:
- possibility to read and type messages (map, private, guild , etc)
- possibility to type messages in specified regularity (from any nickname to any type of chat)
- possibility to type private messages and type to race chat
- all private messages are saved into log files
- bot plays sound file on incoming private message
- bot tray icon starts to blink on incoming private messages
- built in feature to ignore specified types of chat
- possibility to ignore private messages in packet mode (also suitable for other types of chat)
- autoreply to private messages
- auto reaction on specified words in chat messages

Additional features:
- possibility to drop items from inventory
- possibility to use teleports
- function to run to any point on the map (You just type needed coordinates)
- bot displays NPCs, mobs, guardians, turrets, other players (friendly and enemy players are displayed in different colors ).
- displays death of mobs, guardians, players
- displays id and level of mobs and guardians
- displays names of other players
- displays current amount of hp for current target
- displays loot items on map (graphically loot divided into 2 groups: armor/weapon/accessory and al other).
- displays physical and magical damage: player -> mob, player -> player, mob -> player
- displays original ingame map and current bot position on it
- displays stats of player: name, level, race, class, status, experience points, hp, fp, sp.
- displays equipment currently dressed on player
- displays inventory (all items names are taken directly from bots database)
- displays all skills and magic spells of player (all skill an spell names are taken directly from bots database)
- bot has function to mine ore (during mining bot can use buffs/debuffs)
- possibility to equip/unequip weapons/armor/ammo
- map became more interactive. Now You can click on any point ? the map, and character will start moving to that point
- possibility to sell items to NPC (manually and using script), and also buy items from NPC (in a test mode)
- codemasters server added
- displays friendlist and offline/online status
- bot displays number of available bags.
- possibility to move bot to tray (tray icon blink and change color on different occasions (disconnect from server, private messages, etc))
- possibility to make bot window smaller, to see only the status map
- new locations, mobs and items wich appeared with 5th update added

What bot cant do (Not available in current version):
- use grenades (accretia)
- display quests and receive/chose reward
- use trading, auction, storage, mail
- use turrets
- craft
- walk (bot always run)
- bot doesn’t have English documentation
All listed features are in a stage of development (for example mail and auction are already available in russian version)

RFO-servers are hardcoded. It means that you cant add your own server to RFRudokop. Current list of available RFO-servers:
- (Final Update - still testing at this moment)
If there is no your server here - it's not a problem. You should post here (or PM) IP and port of your RFO-server. It will be added with next RFRudokop update.

The order of purchase

Price of bot – 60 EURO(€) (or 95 USD). We receive payment through WebMoney, Yandex-money or WesternUnion. If you prefer only paypal, you can easily convert it to WebMoney (WMZ/WME). All updates will be free for those who purchased bot.
After transferring money You recieve:
- bot archive ~6mb
- access to private the forum private area (bot users can ask questions, give their opinions and comments on bots work, and ofcourse download the latest version of RFRudokop).
- access to all themes and hides in "RFRudokop and bugs"

And our conditions:
- You are obliged not to give anyone bot. If it is proved that gave someone bot, you are instantly deleted from our base and never be able to use it again.
- If you are in any way connected to administration of any RF-Online server, you may be deleted from our base, no matter what is the purpose of your bot using.
- The program is focused on the advanced users. RFRudokop doesnt have English documentation at this moment, but I hope we will fix it in future.

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PostSubyek: Re: Bot Rf Rudokop Release   Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:34 am

pusing baca na..
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PostSubyek: Re: Bot Rf Rudokop Release   Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:13 am

orang yang membuat negara kita terbelakang malas baca study .kalo lo ga baca tu mana ngerti BOT nya bisa apa aja bisa blink ilang auto dc ngomong no delay dll

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PostSubyek: Re: Bot Rf Rudokop Release   Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:16 am

bawel loe man... karena gw lagi males baca jadi na ya kgk ngerti.. ck ck ck..
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PostSubyek: Re: Bot Rf Rudokop Release   

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Bot Rf Rudokop Release
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